Track 1: Learn to Ride

The cost for track 1 is $40 and is paid online. See the registration links below. Sessions are held on Sunday. We have added a few summer Track 1: Try the Track sessions.  Fall sessions will start up again in October 2018.


  • Dress appropriately for the weather. If it is cold outside, it will be cool inside. In the winter, the temperature is maintained at 13 degrees C, so arm and leg warmers are appropriate.
  • Clothing should fit tightly so as not to get in moving parts of the bicycle
  • Wear cycling gloves, even if you do not use them ordinarily. There is a lot of vibration on the track.
  • Bring your helmet, cycling shoes, and pedals. If you do not have any of these items, they can be provided. Shoes with firm, smooth soles are best if you do not have cycling shoed and pedals
  • Measure your bike and bring the measurements with you. Measure the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle along the seat tube and the distance from the front tip of the saddle to the center of the handlebars.
  • If you have a pump, please bring it. No commercially available bicycle pump is able to withstand the repeated use of pumping 24-36 tires every few days. For this reason, none of the pumps at the track work.
  • Bring sufficient food and water. Your session will last two hours. Expect to eat and drink what you would on a bike ride of that duration.
  • Please arrive at least 30 mins prior to the session
  • Park anywhere in the parking except under the front awnings.
  • Walk into the track and continue following the "competor entrance".


Please to not cross the track in cycling shoes or socks. Cycling shoes chew up the track surface and socks are too slippery on the incline. Wear your street shoes and carry your cycling shoes in with you. Since the washrooms are on the far side of the track, you will need to change shoes to visit them.

Please complete a waiver. Please also sign the track passport card your session leader will hand out along with the waiver. Once you have completed the documentation, give the forms.

Select and fit a bike. Select a bike that approximates the distance from saddle tip to handlebars on your road bike. When standing over the top tube with both feet on the ground there should be a bit of space between the top tube and your crotch. Adjust the saddle to be at the same height as your road bike. Alternatively, you may use the wooden boxes you see placed around the infield to help you adjust the saddle height. Stand on the box to sling a leg over the saddle and check that it is just slightly bent when you are seated on the saddle and the pedal is in the lowest position. Pedals should be put on finger tight. Please do not make any other adjustments to the bike.

Perform the bike check described on the cards you will see hanging from the bike racks. As an added precaution, your session leader will take you through the bike check routine at the start of the session.

Please select a date below and register.

Sunday, July 8th at 12:00 -Register ->HERE<-

Sunday, August 12th 12:00 Noon - Register -> HERE <-