Laps System

he Forest City Velodrome invested in an updated electronic timing system in early 2016. The old system MyLaps system has been replaced by this newer, lower cost, more modern system. Every one of your laps are recorded and placed online for you to review. The system also features Strava integration so you can upload your ride or workout session to Strava from the Laps website.

The same system will be used for race nights to produce live results as they happen.

Timing chips are affixed to your seat post. All rental bikes also have a timing chip attached. All riders are required to have a timing chip because we are using the system to track who has and has not paid for a session and/or membership.

Timing chips are currently available for $20 for the chip and holder. Replacement chips are $10 and replacement rubber mounts/holders are $10. See your sessions leader to obtain your chip.

The computer in the infield runs the laps system and has a website available while at the track. Connect to the local WIFI, and visit on the infield to view the current laps. This website is available from your phone when connected to the track's WIFI.

An archive of the internal website is stored on the internet. You can view your laps on the laps website: This website is available from your phone or online anywhere on the internet. There is no need to use the track computer to view the site. (Please note: we do not maintain this system and it has been known to be unstable and unreliable. The Windows system at the track is always open to the website with the current information).

HELP WANTED: We are looking for programmers interesting in being involved in replacing the laps system. C++ programming knownledge desirable but not required. See Mark Buckaway (mark.buckaway at forestcityvelodrome dot ca).