We truly believe that the success of our club depends on our Volunteers

As a non-profit organization, we cannot operate without the dedication of our volunteers. We offer excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to strive and flourish beyond their regular careers. Our distinctive environment offers position that are exciting, challenging and rewarding. We encourage our people to learn, experiment and grow. We are always looking for additional volunteers. Some of the rolls we are looking for are listed below.

The track's laps timing system works, but has many limitations. It is restricted to running on Linux and requires a particular version of Perl to operate. It is unreliable. We redesire to replace it with a modern system written in C++ that will run on Windows (and potentionally Mac and Linux) using the QT framework for the UI and general operations. The FCV seeks individuals interested in coding in C++. You may be a professional and live and break C++ code, or have the desire to learn.

Your have a background in sales and/or sales management. Meeting people and developing leads is something you find fun. Your contacts with those in the London area will help drive people to buy into the track from both the place of memberships as well as sponsorships. The FCV requires a Sales individual to design a sales program that will bring necessary sponsorships into the track. This position gives the prospective individual full control on the possible be it selling seats in the track to selling the name on the building. Connect with us to help move forward.

The FCV needs general help from cleaning the washrooms, taking out the trash, to running sessions, and shovelling show, etc.. If you think you can help around the track, we would appreciate hearing from you.